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Resiliency Leader Dave Buzanko

Dave energizes and inspires audiences with his Moving from Burnout to Resiliency leadership keynote, sharing his personal stories of business sabotage and lessons learned as a solo-entrepreneur working with some of Canada's largest retailers. His passion for resiliency and leadership were born out of a sudden health crisis; in 2007, Dave experienced a perfect entrepreneurial storm. On the brink of bankruptcy and lying in a hospital bed with a stress induced heart condition, the E.R. doctor gave Dave two choices; "Either go on heart and cholesterol medication for the rest of your life or lose weight and get in shape". Where do you even begin? This was the start of an epic and unexpected journey as Dave went from burnout to 3x Ironman Finisher and resilient business leader.

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Moving from Burnout to Resiliency Leadership Keynote

Everyone wants more health, happiness and resiliency in their life and business leaders are no exception. To become a truly resilient business leader, you need to develop a Growth Mindset towards wellness, self-motivation and resiliency. The question I get asked most often by business leaders is "How do you do it every day? I hate diet and exercise and have no motivation to get started." This is the same question I asked myself when my story began and what I can teach you is how to navigate your perfect storm, to help you create your own resilient epic ending.

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