365 Day Growth Mindset Journal

Growth Mindset Journal v1.4 (pdf)


Virtual Led Training (VLT): Fixed to Growth Mindsets

Observation: Most adults live their life with Fixed Mindsets that lead to lost opportunity both personally and professionally without even realizing it. If performance and productivity are related to Growth Mindsets, then creating and tracking Positive Behavior Habits and Daily Winning Streaks should boost your personal potential and help you see opportunities that others miss. 

Module 1: Start with WHY

My WHY: To inspire Growth Mindsets so that people can feel empowered to succeed in life.

Module 2: Your Vision Statement

My VISION:  I believe that one day, every parent will have the ability to talk about food, exercise, growth mindsets and mental health with their kids in an informed and intelligent way, not because they have to but because they want to.  Those conversations are going to require courage, vulnerability and a willingness to continuously learn. 

Module 3: SMART Goals





Time bound

Module 4: Daily Limiters

It's time to take an honest look at what is standing in your way.

Module 5: Defining Happiness

 Success does not define happiness. Happiness is defined by the JOY you feel while striving for your full potential every day.

Module 6: Anchor Activities

Anchor activities are the non-negotiable tasks that are taking you one step closer to realizing your VISION each day.

Module 7: Journaling Every Day

In order for the journaling process to be effective, it must become a positive daily habit. It will take time, but in time, it will feel effortless.

Module 8: Start at the Beginning

Start at the beginning of any month.

Module 9: Winning Streaks

Winning streaks build confidence and competence and help you see your progress, making you feel like you're moving forward.

Module 10: Your Daily Mantra

Find a statement of positivity that works for you and repeat it to yourself daily. It can be the same every day.

Module 11: Daily Gratitude

Possibly the hardest part of the Growth Mindset Journaling process is stretching your brain to look for 3 new things to be grateful for each day with no repeats. This is a major step in training your brain to look for the positive, not the negative in life.

Module 12: Looking for the Positive

Whether positive or negative, the stories you relive in your brain bring back all of the same chemicals that caused the stress or positive emotions in the first place. Looking for the positive helps to turn stress into a challenge and not a threat.

Module 13: Eliminate One Bad Habit

Identify one bad habit you would like to eliminate and keep it top of mind every day.

Module 14: Why Daily Exercise Matters

Daily exercise trains your brain that your behavior matters.

Module 15: Daily Meditation

It's all about focus and breathing. Learn how to tune out the distractions in your brain.

Module 16: Acts of Kindness

Your real human connections are your key to long term happiness. 

Module 18: Sleep Cycles

Learn how 90 minute sleep cycles affect the quality of your sleep.

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