Module 18: Time Blocking Anchor Activities

The process of developing a growth mindset is all about building positive momentum and striving to realize a vision that you truly believe in.

Module 19: Sleeping Better

Learn how to sleep in 90 minute sleep cycles to get a better quality nights sleep.

Module 20: Daily Learning

Part of having a Growth Mindset means moving from a know it all to a learn it all mindset. Make daily learning part of your lifelong learning strategy.

Module 21: 1% Better

The days add up either in your favor or not. The aggregate of 1% daily improvement at anything keeps you moving towards your VISION.

Module 22: Daily Notes

Having the opportunity to record notes gives you a space to customize your journal, add streaks that are personal to you and capture any particular emotions you were feeling on any given day.

Module 23: Reflection

Without reflection, there is no learning. You learn from your successes and your mistakes by taking notes, connecting the dots, and making informed decisions.

Note About References to Heartfit365

For the first 12 years of my journey, I marketed myself and my speaking business under the personal brand of Heartfit365 because I was assuming the identity of a Heartfit person 365 days a year.This branding was confusing to my corporate speaking audience. Part of my personal growth process was learning that my messaging was not clear. Today I represent myself under my personal brand of Dave Buzanko and I am very clear that I talk about inspiring Growth Mindsets.